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We are in the biometric enrolment business for more than 15 years. With our incredible simple, yet very powerful software solutions, we managed to gain trust from the governments, institutions and enterprises looking for highest and most reliable biometric enrolment solutions.

Our biometric enrolment applications are used for enrollment of biometric data for national and international documents, such as biometric passports, electronic IDs, health insurance cards, visas and residence permits as the solution is built on top of ICAO, FBI and ISO standards.

We are committed to bring the best end results. That is why we are working with world most recognized hardware providers. We can integrate your favorite camera for facial biometrics, your selected fingerprint reader for fingerprint enrolment and any signature table on the market.

Our team of engineers provides consulting, development andintegration into existing systems

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Latest development

Automated Fingerprint Identification System for Slovenian Police

Project name: CENT AFIS

FaceTrace - automated facial recognition identification system

All fotorobots should have names.

We are proud to announce our latest solution developed by our incredible biometric team. FaceTrace is a name of our automated facial recognition identification system (AFIS) used by Slovenian police criminal department. Our service based solution is capable of automatic creation of biometric facial templates from photographs or photorobots. Search process is build on the top of one of the most accurate and fast matching algorithms currently available.



Enrolment solution developed for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and used at Slovenian embassies around the world and at border crossing offices for capturing biometric data for Slovenian passports, ID cards, visas and residential permits. Used with HP scanner, 3M document reader, CrossMatch or Suprema fingerprint reader and Topaz signature pad.



SmartCapture enrolment system was designed and build for the needs of Burundi and Niger passport issuing system. Software consists of several modules, such as data entry, payment processing and enrolment. Facial photo is taken with high quality Canon camera. Fingerprints are taken with Dermalog ZF-1 fingerprint readers.



BioVisa is based on second generation of our modular enrolment solutions. Thanks to our advance technology we can work with wide selection of different hardware. Support for 10+ professional fingerprint readers and different cameras. Our solution is compatible with excellent SpeedIdentity G3 biometric device. ICAO, ISO and FBI compatible.



BioMobile is mobile biometric solution working on Windows 8.1 tablets. By using integrated camera with automatic face detection and pressure sensitive on-screen pen there is no need for expensive hardware. Fingerprint reader is connected via USB 3.0 port. Highly secure and easy to use solution usable for enrolment for national and international documents, in election scenarios and in many other civil cases.

CENT Biometric Enrolment Systems Installation Map